Subject: Re: Ideas for a city new to cruise ships
Hi Donna,

If interested please send a letter to the Editor to The Daily Sitka Sentinel 112 Barracks st., Sitka, Alaska 99835. As Sitka is looking into building a new tourist dock this is also a hot subject at the time too. Last year we had 260,000 visitors to a town of less than 9000 population. These 260,000 tourist left nearly 18 million dollars in town. Like most locals I avoid the business district of town when the tour ships are in. For us it will usually be 7 days a weeks with up to 7 tour ships in one day. The ships range in size from over 2000 passengers to less than a hundred. We typically have three ships with in the 1500 to 2000 passenger size plus one or two of the smaller ships in at once. It is obvious that there is a very large economic impact here. Good or bad it seems as though we are stuck with tour ships. You learn to live with it.

Dave and Katie Sitka, Alaska