Subject: Re: NYC at Christmas
Hi Jim & Kathleen --

I can heartily recommend the Lucerne Hotel at 79th and Amsterdam. I lived at Riverside and 93rd for over 25 years. During many of the years I lived on the Upper West Side the area around 79th and

Amsterdam was pretty unsavory and the old hotel that stood on the spot was part of the reason. It was completely gutted and restored in the early 90s, so in the late 90s when I had to be in NYC on business I decided to give it a try. It's definitely in contention for the nicest hotel I ever stayed at. (Of course, it didn't hurt that when I arrived they told me that they didn't have the room I'd requested, so gave me a free upgrade to a suite!) The staff is helpful and friendly; the rooms are comfortable and more than tastefully decorated; and the neighborhood is very safe and great fun. (Just around the corner from Zabar's and only a block from the Museum of Natural History, near excellent transportation and plenty of good restaurants just outside the door.)

I'm writing this as I'm rushing off for work, so couldn't take the time to try to track down the website for the hotel, but here's the website for TripAdvisor's reviews:

Landra in upstate NY sometimes longing for NYC