Subject: Paris Opera Tickets
Hi Ziners,

Sandy mentioned in her Paris travelogue they booked tickets for the Opera Garnier in Paris through a ticket broker and the tickets were delivered to their home before they left.

It is possible to directly order tickets online for both the Opera Garnier and the Opera Bastille in Paris. The url is:

The site is in French and I never found an English version of it, but it is easy to use with elementary French. Use the menus to click on the month you're looking at and whether you're interested in the opera or ballet or other events. The website gives you a confirmation number and you pick up the tickets at the Will- Hold window at the opera house. I used the website last December to order both opera and ballet tickets and it worked very smoothly and the seats were excellent. My guess is that ordering direct is cheaper - no broker service fees and no DHL charges. And, more important to procrastinators like me, there's no worry whether the tickets will arrive at your home before you leave!

I also ordered ballet tickets directly from the Swedish Royal Opera from their website this year (they had an English version) and that transaction also went very smoothly.

Karen in Colorado