Subject: Re: UK Travels
Dear Megan,

Edinburg accomodations:

Stayed there in 2002. Liked the location. It was convenient to walk to most of the sights, the neighborhood was safe and the price wasn't bad.

Highland Tours

A quick glance at his itineraries indicates that he doesn't have anything to fit your schedule. My best advice is to determine what you want to see and rent a car. Driving in the Highlands isn't as difficult as I first thought.

Windsor Castle is reached from Waterloo Station (not the tube). It is worth half a day. Combine with the London Eye, Globe Theater or even just a walk along the south embankment.

Rail Pass

My experience has been that booking the individual segments on line at Trainline or once you get there, is cheaper. If you decide to order from Trainline, have them mailed to your first hotel.

I agree that planning is half the fun.

Barbara in Connecticut