Subject: Re: Archaeological sites in Europe
Hi Tiffany,

If you are in Tuscany you could consider visiting Populonia, on the coast near Piombino. My husband Eric and I visited there last year. It is the site of an Etruscan city, there are remains of buildings used for metal work (ie some sort of iron foundry); tombs in the Necropolis of San Cerbone dating to 700BC; and other different tombs dotted around the area, with well tended walking tracks that enable you to wander at your leisure. It was well signposted in English, but there were also guided tours, although we didn't take one due to time constraints. (We were taking public transport, and needed to catch the school bus to meet our friends with the car in Piombino.) Entry was 8 euro. I have the ticket in my journal, which shows a web site I haven't actually looked that site up so can't recommend it. If you have a car, there were other interesting Roman ruins in the area. It was a really interesting day.

Then if you are in Roma, consider visiting the Etruscan Museum (Museo Nazionale Etrusco). I can't remember the address, but we walked through the Borghese Gardens to get to it from where we were on the via Nationale.It was quite extraordinary, we thoroughly enjoyed it.

Enjoy your trip. Sally, from Sydney.