Subject: Barcelona Hotels
Hi Leslie,

by your description, it seems that you are going to Barcelona for a big convention. Not knowing your dates, I have checked in Bancotel with various July random dates ( ), and strangely enough, I haven´t found anything in Barcelona, only in the province.

This next month of May begins the Forum Barcelona, a six month intercultural celebration . That could create an scarcity of hotels, specially during weekends, and specially on the 3-stars properties.

The Melia Barcelona, a very decent 5 star (no pool, but they have agreements with a fitness club nearby), located in Sarria, is offering rates of 95 Euro per night at the beginning of July, only bookable via web . I would consider it, because it won´t be bad located for your meetings, and it is near the Diagonal. Right now with the new tram and the Tombus (a small white bus with leather seats and AC, perfect for shopping) you are not far away from the Plaça de Catalunya. I think AC is a must during the summer in Barcelona, it has a very humid weather, and with the heat it can be worse than hotter places.

Another option to look for a place could be the Barcelona Tourist Office. Official tourism offices in Spain are not allowed to book accomodations or recommend them ( a way to avoid temptations for hotel owners), but the Barcelona one has gone against that prohibition, and right now they have an online service that would come handy for you. Check it at

Good luck,

Covadonga Bilbao - Spain