Subject: Re: Working Abroad
Hi Sally, Mmmm... a subject dear to my heart! My husband and I have lived in Hong Kong since 1996 and before that we spent 7 months in Japan. We decided that we really wanted to get a view of a different part of the world that we couldn't get by just a vacation so we quit our jobs (I sold my business, my husband took early retirement from the university he was in) and looked for something over here (literally anywhere in Asia). He found a position first so ...HK it was. We love this region and love the multicultural feel of HK. HK isn't as challenging as other parts of the region are to live but's still requires a major shift in living style.

My only regret is that I didn't do this years ago - there's so much to learn, so many places to go and people to meet - there just isn't time to do everything I'd like at this late stage in life. My son came and worked here for 18 mths between high school and university and gained a great deal. He's also spent some time with the China Research and Exploration Society (as a volunteer) in Tibet and NW China and definitely wants to return to that area as soon as he can.

Most countries in this region are looking for Native English teachers and I am sure that the human rights groups would welcome you with open arms. There are certainly many challenges in that regard in Asia.

Go for it! Judy in HK