Subject: Re: Tuscany itinerary
Dear Ziners, Thank you Lucy, Lisa and Linda for your comments. We liked Lucy's idea of adding an extra day in Tuscany.

Would you suggest using Siena as our base? That means we would do side trips to Montelcino, Montepulciano, Chianti, etc. I think we will skip Cortona for now. This would mean we would have a car here. Then we could either drop off car here or drive to La Spezia before we head out for Cinque Terre.

Somehow I had this idea that I just wanted to get in the car & just spend the night at some little town we liked. This may be more stressful since we would not have reservations.

If not Siena as a base, what other town could you spend the night at? Frances had e-mailed earlier that Siena was magical at night and to stay in the center. I thought of getting a place outside the city walls because of the car.

Are we on the right track?

By the way, I am on panic mode. We leave Friday! We are so excited. The rest of the trip is all planned with lots of input from Ziners. This is our only glitch.

Thanks Maria Redondo Beach, CA