Subject: Re: working abroad
Hi everybody, Working abroad is a very large concept. If you are talking about the EU it can be very difficult to obtain a working visa, about the same in reverse as for the USA.

However the children of parents or grandparents from countries that were annexed during the war by the communists should check with the respective consulate, they may be able to get EU passports. My children will be able to get Hungarian passports because their father was born there.

Another good way to get to work and live in another country is to obtain a certificate as an ESL teacher. The Far East in particular are desperate for teachers and will get the visas for you.

I am off to Rome in a few weeks to study for my certificate. I am tired of retirement and thought it might be a good idea to try another career. I will probably try to find work in NYC, but who knows maybe I will get a yen for somewhere else. Though I feel I am a little too settled to be thinking of living in China for 6-8 months. Fanny in a very wet NYC