Subject: Fly or train, Madrid-Barcelona?
Greetings, Ziners,

I hope some of you can help me make the connection from Madrid to Barcelona! Sadly, we don't have much time in either city, so I'd like to minimize transfer time.

I see the train will take 5 hours 15 minutes or more. The air flight is only 1 hour 10 minutes, but by the time you add the driving/airport time on either end of the trip, I am wondering how much is really saved?

Can anyone recommend the sleeper train (Costa Brava or TrenHotel)? We have used sleeper trains in other parts of Europe & found them to be a way to maximize time enjoying the places we want to see.

Finally, if we fly, I see three airlines that service this connection with great frequency: Iberia, SpanAir and AirEuropa.

First, there are low ticket prices if I purchase now (for early June). Can I expect the same or similar low prices if we just walk up and buy them at the airport, or will a same-day purchase be very high priced? Second, is there an airline we should avoid? We live in Southwest Airlines country & love flying with them in the US--just

as we have liked using EasyJet and RyanAir in Europe. So, we are not put off by flying peanuts style.

Thanks for your help.

Diana Ball near Houston, TX