Subject: Airline upgrades plus Aberdeen & London questions
Dear Ziners,

I unfortunately and too quickly deleted a post within the last 4-5 weeks that dealt with getting an airline upgrade by being at the right place and at the right time. I believe the traveler was going over to Europe. I thought that surely someone else may know of a great trick or the same Ziner might repost her entry. My sister and I are headed over across the pond on June 9 and could use some advice on getting better seats. Don't we all want to know this??????????

We will be going first to stay with friends in Aberdeen for one week. What spots should we not miss? Our friends will be able to take us places for day trips etc. but we wanted to be aware of places some of you say are not to be missed.

We will fly back down to London for 10 days. We have done most of our homework of where and what we want to see there.

Is it not possible to take a boat ride in June from Hampton Court to the Kews Gardens?

Is the high tea at Kensington Palace a good thing?

After our time in London we will join a tour that will take us back up to Scotland to see the normal tourist places.

Thanks for your help...ttfn beautiful springtime central Kansas