Subject: Re: Tuscany itinerary
Hi Maria

I have not thoroughly read all the posts regarding your Tuscany itinerary issues, but if your choice is staying in Siena as a base, it is an excellent choice, well located for travel to the most special spots in Tuscany. However, if you will have a car, I absolutely, without question, suggest you stay outside the walls of Siena. This is one town that is extremely difficult to get into and cars are not permitted at most times. We have travelled to Tuscany on many occasions and always marvel at our accomplishment when we actually get into Siena without driving the perimeter at least a dozen times. Many hotels around Siena provide shuttle service or the bus is a good alternative.

Siena is, by far, our most favourite town in Tuscany. Don't forget to have lunch at La Torre, just off the Campo - Via Salicotto 7-9


Felice Toronto, Ontario