Subject: Re: Travel bargains
Hi Lucy,

You're certainly right when you say that we all have different perceptions as to what is moderate, what is pricey. It also stems from where we come from. Here in NYC, $100. for 2 people for dinner is a moderately high tab, but in other parts of the US, it's probably the highest price in town. In London, it's moderate. Then of course, as you say, there are those that prefer to spend less whether they can afford more or not. We all make choices based on our priorities. You'll spend a lot more on a great meal than many others will, even though there might be a much less expensive choice. Others feel that food is fuel and will eat on the cheap. Nothing wrong with either, we all spend our money differently.

I'm the kind of person who likes 5 star and digs deep to get it at 3 star prices. When I can't, I'll then search for the best 3 star I can find. DH & I like comfort, won't share a bathroom and never feel that our hotel room/cruise cabin is just a place to sleep.

When traveling, I balance high end fine dining experiences with some cheap meals so that I don't break the budget. I do the same with hotels. We stay at top hotels in Sydney, Melbourne & the tropics in Australia, but then balance it out by inexpensive places in other parts of Oz.

However, one thing that really irks me is the reverse snobism attitude that some people have. (not you!) This is demonstrated by your comment that you felt foolish for spending $20. for a villa while others spent $2.50 on a hut. $20. for the best place in town? WOW! Kudos to you! Why would you feel the need to defend that you deserved it after spending 2 weeks of backpacking? I gather it may be because that when you met some others they made comments on how you wasted your money?

I'm sensitive to this because in my travels, I've heard comments to the effect I'm not staying where the real people stay. Excuuuse me, but anyone staying in a hotel, whether it's a hut or a 5 star palace is not a local. Locals sleep in their homes!

When we take a cruise, we always take a cabin with a balcony. I'd rather take less cruises & have one. I don't brag about it, but during casual conversations with others on board, I've heard comments like well, how much time do you spend in your room? and what a waste of money. They feel justified in telling us that we throw away our money but if we were to make a negative comment about their less expensive accomodations, we'd be accused of being snobs. It's this reverse snobbery that gets me nuts.

As Fanny said, let's try to post prices when we share information with others here so that we can make our choices. But please, let's not make others wrong because they pay more or pay less than what's in our own comfort level.

Thanks. Candice NYC