Subject: Re: Airline upgrades plus Aberdeen & London questions
HI Constance,

I missed the post that gave us the scoop on getting an upgrade for being at the right place at the right time.

However, I can tell you from experience, that free upgrades are not given out because you look nice or it's your birthday. Keep in mind that there are less and less flights, therefore, flights are fuller than they used to be. Hence there are less upgrades to to given out and they go to the people that pay the most for their tickets and/or are that airline's most frequent flyers.

When I fly internationally, I fly Biz class 95% of the time. I do this by using miles or by searching the web for cheap biz class tickets. Right now, Continental is offering their biz/first class to Europe for $1400.00 round trip. While it still may out of the price range for many, there are plenty of folks buying those's normally about a $7000.00 ticket. That's a steal! Hence, that section of the plane is going to be full and they're not going to be giving away free upgrades to someone who's not one of their frequent flyers and who bought a cheap ticket. Why would they?

I'd love to be proven wrong and learn the secrets too! :-)

Three weeks ago, I flew to London on British Airways Premium Economy class. It was excellent. It's their old biz class seats now made into a 4th cabin on the plane. Virgin also has this class of service. If you want a guarantee of a more comfortable seat, I highly recommend these options. BA's biz class is $7000.00+ and I got the Premium Economy on a sale for $750.00, it's normally about $1400. I did get a free upgrade to biz on the overnight flight over, but that's because BA really likes me (i.e. I've flown them a lot).

Candice NYC