Subject: PREM tickets at the SNCF site
Hi Lucy and others,

PREM are the special fares that have substituted the former J30 (valid if bought 30 days before) and J8 (8 days before) fares that used to exist in the SNCF. The PREM fares can only be bought at their website, and cannot be changed or reimbursated. On the other side, you can grab a one-way TGV ticket for only 25 Euro, or 20 Euro for a normal train.

Its availability will depend on how near to the departure date are you booking (similar to airline booking). The prices can be really good. I have been playing a bit around today, and you could get a PREM return to Rome, on a couchette, for only 70 Euro, or 150 Euro Paris-Berlin-Paris.

Another thing, PREMs are only available on second class, but sometimes the SNCF has something called tarif C, and they offer very few seats in first class at the same price. The SNCF website will tell you something like You can travel in first class for xx Euros. Please click here. But I havenīt seen it happening very often :(

Also, PREMs can only be bought until two weeks before your departure time. So, today you could buy tickets from the 12th of May onwards.

If you donīt mind the conditions, I think PREMs have very good value.


Covadonga Bilbao - Spain