Subject: Re: Cinque Terre vs Sicily
Hi Ziners,

In response to Tiffany's question, where are you travelling from? Getting to Sicily from Rome or Naples, for example will take some time if you travel by boat or train, and money if you fly. Getting to Cinque Terre is relatively easy by car or train and although there are lots of tourists, it's spectacular.

If you are already in south Italy, then Sicily would be a good choice. The island is quite large so you'd only be able to dip in a little. You could limit yourself to one part of the island, for example Catania, Syracuse and Taormina. Palermo is a large city and might occupy your four days but then you won't have seen much of the island.

If you choose Cinque Terre, you could explore the area south as well visiting La Spezia. Here's a website with more information

Just to make your decision more difficult, have you considered Sardinia? It's a beautiful island and your four days would be laid-back. Most of the tourists we saw were Italians rather than North Americans and we had the best focaccia we ever tasted when we stayed in Alghero.

Lucy, Toronto