Subject: Solmelia / Tryp hotels in Paris
Hi Ziners,

We are going to London and Paris for the last two weeks in June. We got a great price of $75 for the Hilton Metropole in London and I am still deliberating over the hotel in Paris. We have stayed at SolMelia and Tryp hotels (part of the same chain) in Spain and Mexico and have not been disappointed. They have three small three star hotels in Paris and they are offering them for 84 euro, not including breakfast. The three are the Tryp de Francois, Tryp de Saxe, and Tryp Blanche Fontaine. The Tryp de Francois, and the Tryp Blanche Fontaine are close to each other on the left bank, and the Tryp de Saxe is on the Right Bank.

Trip Advisor has reviews of the Tryp de Saxe and Tryp Fontaine which are favorable. Has anyone stayed at any of these hotels who can tell me first hand what they are like?

Thank you, Michele Missner Appleton, Wi.