Subject: Re: Cinque Terre vs. Sicily
Hey Tiffany,

We have visited the Cinque Terre, but stayed in other towns.

Moneglia is a small beach town just north, but poplular with Italians instead of Americans. We also spend a few nights relaxing in Camogli, on the north side of the Portofino Promentory. Services and restaurant choices are better in Moneglia, but we had a very quiet, relaxing time in Camogli.

>From either town you can take the local milk-run train into the Cinque Terre towns and hike the trails between them.

For hotels, we stayed at Hotel Villa Edera in Mongelia (about $100 per night in 2000), and the Cernobio dei Dogi in Camogli (beautiful location and services, can't remember the price, but it's expensive to us - it could easily be 200 euros in the summer, but the private beach and pool may be worth it to you).

I agree with what others have said - from where are you starting?

I absolutely LOVE Sicilia, but 4 days would barely give you time to scratch the surface. Regarding the Cinque Terre, Rick Steves' publicity has ruined the ambience in the summers. Another beach destination in the south of Italy is Maratea - popular with Italians, but I've never run into other Americans. It's about 2 hours south of Naples, and there is train service. If you can read Italian, is a helpful website for the area. Another nice beach area is Tropea, in Calabria.

My advice would be to find a nice beach destination for the 4 days and take a vacation from all the sightseeing:)

Ciao, Kristy S.F.