Subject: Re: Has anyone flown Air Alps?
Hi Gina,

We flew Air Alps from Amsterdam to Innsbruck in September 2002. The flight was fine. The plane was a small turboprop jet which seats about 30 people. It was comfortable flying and not too noisy. Our flight was in the morning and we got a full Dutch breakfast. The flight was on time.

All our luggage did not make it. We were not the only ones on the flight. There were at least 4 of us who were missing a few bags. My husband's bag made it but not mine. It seemed a little common since the agent was right at the baggage carrosel. They said the bags would make it on the next flight and they would deliver them to us. We were not staying in Innsbruck but in Brixen, Italy. It wasn't a problem. They delivered the bags to our hotel in Brixen Italy that evening. I was pretty impressed that they would deliver them to our hotel which was in a different country and about 90 minutes away by train.

I would fly them again.

Marta In sunny and warm Washington State