Subject: Re: Bayreuth
Hi Ziners and Lucy in Toronto..

A friend of mine went to Bayreuth a couple of years ago. He and his companion booked through one of the Opera Tour operators. The hotels were very expensive in the package but would have been in any case. Call the hotel of your choice; they may be able to get tickets for you. The 10 year waiting, list if it truly exists, is because so many hotels and brokers buy up blocks of tickets for their clients. By the way, try to devise a COOL wardrobe for the gets really hot in the theater. After the opera part of the trip there may be some chamber music and lieder recitals. Do a search for Schubertiade. There is an annual event by that name somewhere in Austria. A lot of big name singers and instrumentalists perform and hold master classes. Have a great time!

Gorley in SF