Subject: Regarding Credit Cards ATMs and Airlines
Hi Ziners, I think you should be aware that many of the numbers published for help (24 hours, anywhere) by the various credit card companies and airlines may not work in all parts of Europe, expecially if you use a cell phone. Most 800 numbers won't work. Therefore, before you go, get a real phone number out of all your companies ..

not an 800 or 888. I wasted a lot of time last month in Italy and Switzerland trying to track down some service reps at banks and airlines. Especially beware of the 800 number printed on the ticket folder for your airline.... anywhere anytime worldwide It just ain't so. Your hotel front desk can almost always give you the correct local number.

Otherwise, I had a lovely month in Southern Italy...Puglia. Wonderful seafood everyday. Great weather, except for Easter which is always grey, if not rainy. I ate like a pig and when I stepped on the scale at home, had not gained a pound. Endless walking I guess.

Gorley, back in SF