Subject: Re: World's Top 100 Wonders - A Zine challenge
Hi Ziners, I checked out Hillman's Top 100 Wonders and found that I have seen/visited 40 of them, and I am not as widely travelled as many Ziners. So let's start our own revolution. Name your top spot and contribute to the top 100. Hillman's wonders are so predictable and he always wants to look for the spectacular. In addition to Gary's Cabot Trail suggestion (which I endorse), I would add London, England, which holds more extant history than we can imagine.

What about the Giant's Causeway in Australia? For visitors to Canada, I would add the North Shore of Lake Superior. Another wonder is the 17 miles of vineyards between Beaune and Dijon that produces some of the finest wine in the world. 17 miles! Imagine that in our large world! That is a wonder.

What's your wonder? If Ziners can write about their top picks, I will send the list to Hillman and show him that Ziners can produce places that he hasn't dreamed about. Lucy, Toronto