Subject: RE: World's Top 100 Wonders
Dear Ziners,

Have been following this thread and must add my two cents about the Cabot Trail, Cape Breton Island, Canada. First when going around you MUST do so counter clockwise for the best views. There is something for everyone - hiking trails, spectacular views and therefore photo ops - great wonderful friendly people wherever you stop, whale watching, bird watching and good home cooking. When going around it is absolutely necessary to go off the trail to Meat Loaf Cove - as you travel up the two lane road at one point as you over the crest of the hill you truly feel as if you are going off the end of the world -but the view at that point, especially if sunny is breathtaking. We took two days to do the trail staying at bed and breakfast places along the way - the hospitality was like being brought into the family. Definitely a Canadian must visit place. One does need a car to do the Cabot Trail.

Carol Toronto, Canada