Subject: Re: World's Top 100 Wonders
Hi Ziners,

Thanks Linda for the fun list. I am a neophyte, having only visited ten on the list. TheTravelzine digest is a fun part of each day as we can travel in our imagination even if time and money does not allow for being always on the road. It is amazing the number of times that I bring it up in conversations.

I have just returned from my first trip alone and was miserable until I connected with three Ontario couples who took me under their wing. I don't mind and even enjoy staying alone but need company to dine with and to visit places, like cliff trails, that I don't feel comfortable doing on my own.

I spent two weeks in Portugal and then one week in Paris with my daughter. One place so cheap and the other so expensive, quite a contrast.

This group is quite unique and I am pleased to be a member.

Marge Ottawa