Subject: Re: AAA travel and roadside assistance
Hi Mary -- My husband and I were driving home through the Adirondacks late one afternoon last fall and our car broke down. We were able to make it to a rest stop where we called AAA. (The tow truck was out on another call and wasn't able to be there for an hour, but the owner of the garage personally came by to tell us that and to make sure that we were ok.) We have AAA Plus and were towed to our own garage. We had to pay about $20 because we were a few miles over the 100 mile limit for the Plus membership. If we had not had that, we would either have been stranded in a small town waiting for the car to be repaired or else would have had to pay a very hefty towing fee. One incident like that and you will never question the value of AAA membership.

Landra in upstate New York