Subject: Re: AAA travel and roadside assistance
Hi Carol Bailey,

Each person has to have a membership. The only time my husband's would work is if he's in the car with me. When we're together we drive the 'good' car. My car has been acting up lately so I don't want to get stranded. I really should have the 1 membership but my husband is pretty stubborn and wanted to be a member so I dropped mine a few years ago because I was tired of paying for it and not using it. My husband came home in a panic about 2 weeks ago. He ran over a 6 inch metal rod and the tire was loseing air fast. He wanted me to follow him but I don't think he had any idea where he was going to go. I freaked out momentarily but then remembered our AAA. They came to our house and put on the donut. I think that's the only time we've used there service in about 4 years. So 200$ to get a tire changed basically. We bought the tires at Costco and, since they couldn't fix it, we got a free one. My husband said "I don't know what I would of done if the tire had gone flat on the highway". I replied, "you would have used your cell phone to call AAA". He hasn't had his cell phone for very long either ;)

I'm not sure if this story has talked me into it or out of it. Speaking of Costco, I can get a membership for roadside assistance for about 50$ a month for both of us. I'm just not sure if they will be as helpful as AAA.

Thanks again, Mary