Subject: AAA Membership and RER/Metro from CDG
Hello everyone!

I just love it when there is something I can help with!

I would keep my AAA membership for all the reasons Landra mentioned, PLUS the fact that I can go and pick up my car tags at their office - that alone is worth it to me.

As for the RER/Metro connection from CDG. I think it is the BEST! First of all it costs about 7 euros, as opposed to maybe 45-50 euros for a taxi. It is also usually quicker than a taxi.

I have not used the St. Michel transfer point, but have changed at Chatelet many times. I usually have to go up one and down one set of stairs at Chatelet (maybe others have had worse situations.) Unless your luggage is simply impossible to pick up, I think you can probably handle it....and maybe you'll be as lucky as I have been twice and some nice french person will offer to help you!

Try it! You may like it!

Ciao for now, Pat in California