Subject: Re: Melk or Krems Austria
Dear Ann,

We were in Vienna and then on to Salzburg last fall - we spent 4 nites in Vienna so had about 3 1/2 days - we certainly saw alot - walked alot - and also took a city tour which allowed us to get to Schönberg Palace - the tour was well worth it. If you have a car the drive from Vienna going thru the Wachau Valley is quite beautiful and so takes you to Krems which is quite small (we bypassed the town as felt the views were more what we wanted - photo ops) you could then go to Melk which is down near the A1 highway visit the monastery (we did not) and go back to Vienna - this could certainly be done in one day.

Note - if you are in Vienna on a Sunday there is a lovely church that has an 11 o'clock concert mass that is well worth going to whether you are catholic or not (we are not) - they do Schubert, Handel or Mozart masses which of course were written to be played in these churches - you would need to get there early as it fills up fast - we got there at 10:30 and only a few seats were left - if you are interested I can find out the name of the church for you - do not remember it at this moment.

Carol Toronto