Subject: Re: Melk or Krems Austria
Hi Ann,

I suppose you have already checked . They were one of the first tourist offices in the world to realize the power of the web, and they have plenty of good info in their site (and you can book concerts, operas ...).

I think that the church Carol was mentioning is the University Church or Jesuitenkirche. It is located in the Ignaz-Seipel-Platz. The easiest way to reach it would be from the Stubenring metro stop in the Dr-Karl-Lueger-Platz, walking up the Wollzeile and turning right to the Postgasse, and then turning left to the Bäckerstrasse. Here you can see some pictures of the church : . Being a jesuits church, they have not only beautiful music in their masses, but also very good speakers (but you would only be able to enjoy them if you understand german ...). The Schönlaterngasse is located behind the church, a very pretty street that comunicates with the Heiligenkreuzerhof, where sometimes Christmas and Easter markets are held. Here you can see some pictures from that street and the Griechengasse nearby It is one of my favourites areas in Vienna ...

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