Subject: Medical evacuation and Blue Shield's veto
Hi Ziners:

Two things: 1. I just called Blue Shield to verify info. that was posted regarding evacuation coverage from Blue Shield. I spoke with a supervisor and was told emphatically that they do not, I repeat - do not cover any evacuation expenses. They do, however, reimburse hospital care - emergency room and hospitalizations.

2. The site below gives evacuation unequivacally to the place of your chosing. One has only to be hospitalized for it to work. It has been used by a colleague of my husband's.

Here is the site. Check it out. Anyone who is hospitalized and needs a different facility atleast 150 miles away from home, anywhere in the world, can be taken to the hospital of her/her choice.

This is not an insurance. It is a yearly membership to be taken individually or for a family.

Good luck. Susie