Subject: Re: What to do with old European money?

The old Italian lire can be changed at any Banca d'Italia (State Bank with branches in any major city, not a business bank) as Linda said before, but be advised you need to fill a form before going to the teller. There's usually an information desk in the bank, as many Italians need assistance as well. The exact exchange rate will be 1936.27 lire per euro; some shops still advertise and accept lira for the purpose of getting more sales, but you can't count on them.

And, on a sadder note, if you return to Italy after more than 2 years, don't expect to get for 1 euro the kind of value in goods or services you used to get for 2000 lire; the conversion and the decimal rounding have hit hard and the value is at least 30% less. Bye

Paolo Trieste, Italy