Subject: Learn Better Italian or add a bit of French for Paris?
Buon giorno, or should I say bonjour?

Please be patient with me as this takes a bit of explaining. I have been studying Italian on my own for about a year and a half. I do not speak it well, but I can ask basic questions, understand directions, order meal, discuss reservations and tickets, talks about myself and my family members born in Italy, and chat about the weather in understandable Italian.

I have studied enough French to say, Pardon, Where is such-and-such place, Thank you, Please, good day, good evening, How are you, I would like to eat...., I would like to drink ......, How much do i owe you, and the numbers from 1 to 19. My French is obviously much, much weaker than my Italian as I have only been studying French for about 2 months.

So with the above in mind, I am thinking that since France is so very near Italy, I might actually be better off communicating with a French citizen in decent, but limited, Italian, than in my very primitive French. So, will I be better off if I spend a few hours a week before the trip, polishing my Italian and learning a bit more, or adding on a bit more to my French? That is the question!

Keep in mind that my French will never rival my Italian before the trip as I don't have much time to study the language. Are there enough Italian speaking Frenchman, that I can substitute adequate Italian for poor French?

BYI, I will be in Paris for 80% of the time. I thought those people who have traveled much in France might be able to offer some advice.

Bon voyage and Arrivederci,

Paul Near Seattle