Subject: Re: Learn Better Italian or add a bit of French for Paris?
Paul, What an interesting dilemna. It has been our experience that there is more English spoken in Italy than in France. For example, many Italian restaurants have English on the menu. This is not common in France and may have something to do with Italy being on the Grand Tour itinerary and having hosted visitors from England since the 18th century.

I speak French and wish I could speak more Italian than I do (limited to standard phrases to get through the day). But I have always been able to manage in Italy, which is probably why I've been so lazy about learning more Italian.

As you are spending so much time in Paris, I'd say brush up on your French. Even if you end up speaking "franglais" you'll have fun watching the reactions of the Parisiens as you fracture the language!

Tip: Buy a copy of "French - The Rough Guide Phrasebook". It's very useful and hilarious in parts. There are sections devoted to every, and I mean every, possible human interaction.

Au revoir et a bientot. Lucy, Toronto, (in the English speaking part of Canada)