Subject: Music in Vienna
Hi Ann,

you will find more information about the concerts in the Augustinerkirche at . Click in "Programm", and you will be able to download the program until september or look at each month.

The Augustinerkirche is located right by the Hofburg. The Vienna Boys Choir sings at the Hofburgkapelle, almost every Sunday at 9:15 am, and you should know very clear which one of the two Masses you want to attend. The Augustiner one is free of charge, and the Vienna Boys Choir Mass costs from 5 to 29 Euros. I have friends who got confused and ended up in the Augustinerkirche. Some of them liked it, some of them didnīt. Personally, I find that the Mass at the Augustinerkirche can be more interesting, specially if you like classical music.

Another thing I donīt recommend at all are all those concerts advertised by young people dressed in XVIII century garb. They give you pamphlets for expensive concerts in historical dresses, and they say that you will get a glass of sekt ("champagne"). The relationship quality-price is very bad, and in Vienna you can find plenty of opportunities to listen to magnificent players. Sometimes you can even get tickets for the Philarmonic rehearsals ( they might be sold via ). I am mentioning the rehearsal tickets because the good ones are really hard to come by. A good substitute (and sometimes with a more modern and interesting repertoire) is the Wiener Simphoniker at the KonzertHaus. BTW, the bar is quite good in this case.

And before I forget, you can find the Habsburg hearts, encased in silver, at the Loreto Chapel in the Augustinerkirche ... and this year Vienna is celebrating 150 years since Sisi and Franz Joseph got married (and the story of a XIX Princess Di began ...)

Kind regards,

Covadonga Bilbao - Spain