Subject: Re: Scuba Diving at Great Barrier Reef
Hi, Pat:

I've dived lots of places around the world, but GBR is my very most fave because of the variety of possible dive locations. The reef is changing for many reasons, but it still is an awesome dive venue.

By my reckoning, the best dive boat is the Calypso, which goes from Pt Douglas. They can arrange transfers from nearby Cairns if you like. I've dived with skipper / divemaster Glenn Lantry for almost 15 years & a trip with Glenn to the reef is something special. He doesn't go down as often these days, but the other dive masters onboard are excellent. I've never had a bad dive, either by weather, sea conditions or divemaster expertise.

I can't help with live-aboards, but there are many going out of Cairns.

I'd try to avoid the cattle-call dive boats that dump up to 700 people on the reef on a day trip.

There's a pretty decent golf course at Palm Cove, just north of Cairns & a new one's under construction a little further north yet. Being no kind of golfer, that's about all I can tell you!

One of these days, I'll dive somewhere else other than around the Cairns / Pt Douglas / Cape Trib area, but I feel I'm still just getting to know the different aspects of the reef diving in this region even after all these years. I'm usually the first one in the water & the last one out!

And it's still magic every time I go down.

Gail In Eugene but never for long