Subject: Re: Border stories

Speaking of border crossings, we (my husband and I) took the train from Vienna to Budapest at the time Hungary was having its first free elections but there were stilll Russian soldiers stationed there. The same year as the Wall came down in Berlin. While there was a feeling of joy and energy in the air in the city, it did not translate to the border guards. Returning, we were held for several hours at the border while the guards carefully checked the bonifides of all passengers. Several people were taken off the train: we saw one man unsucessfully trying to give money (US Dollars) to one guard. The German student in the compartment with us said they were concerned with blackmarketeers trying to get over the border as well as those trying to escape to a more prosperous life. Interestingly, the train schedule allowed for the two hour border delay.

Hooray for the EU! jo, in sunny sunnyvale, getting ready for a garage sale!