Subject: Re: The Great Loop
Tom and Ziners:

We are leaving Chicago tomorrow to drive to our boat in Kentucky Lakes to do a very small part of the Great Loop or, as it is sometimes called, the Great Circle Route, to bring the boat to Chicago.

We will travel up the Tennessee River to the Ohio River, down to the Mississippi River, up to the Illinois River and into Lake Michigan where we will dock for the summer in Belmont Harbor. The trip is roughly 650 miles by water and will take five or six days, depending on barge traffic and lock operation. I don't remember how many locks there are, but it is at least ten.

Although the lack of rain in the midwest is a bane to farmers, it is a boon to us since the rivers are not flooded and we anticipate not encountering too much debris. In addition, we have heard that the Mississippi, which often runs seven knots downstream in the spring, is only running four to five knots. We can travel more quickly and not use as much fuel.

Will report any interesting events along the way when we return.

Lisa in Chicago