Subject: Re: California Coast
Hi Nancy -

I can offer suggestions for you when you're in Ventura.

You didn't say where you're from but for those of us here in Southern California small older towns are rare, but you may enjoy walking the 3 or so blocks on Main St. of downtown Ventura, with it's old buildings, antique shops and stop to have a bit to eat at the Busy Bee, a 50's style dinner, also on Main St. also part of the "old town". This would for nostalgia not necessarily shopping.

If you go to: you'll find information there. They also have an office you can go to pick information, maps, etc. There's also the San Buenaventura Mission and the Ventura County Museum of History and Art, a Saturday morning Farmer's Market the Ventura Pier and a small Harbor Village. Also I would suggest if you re a member of AAA, you can get lots of information from their travel books - free.

For beautiful scenery, Southern California style, you may want to consider going to Ojai and driving on the back roads and they also have the Ojai Valley Historical Museum. For additional information go to:

Another very nice day trip would be Santa Barbara.Two of our favorites are the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden, which isn't the type of garden you'd expect - much better, and the Santa Barbara Zoo, which is different from most other Zoos we've been to. The official web site for Santa Barbara is:

Then there's Solvang, which ia a Danish community, mostly commercial, but again if you get off onto the back roads, you'll see some beautiful scenery. You can call 800-468-6765. Okay, it's hokey - but we like going every once in a while.

Ventura and Santa Barbara, of course have beaches, but all of the places I ve mentioned are very close to Ventura and will give you something to do because Ventura really isn't a major tourist town.

Hope I've helped a bit and you can always put names of places into any search engine and find out more information.

Cheers, Rose - Los Angeles