Subject: RE: California Coast

I used to live in Ventura, but it's been about three years since I've been there. Rose's suggestions are excellent.

I also used to live in Santa Barbara and after we moved to Ventura we spent plenty of time in Santa Barbara, mostly eating! One of our favorite lunch spots is the Brown Pelican. It's right on the beach. You can eat inside or out. There's some information on it at The Web site also has information on a lot of other restaurants (mony of them are new since I've been there)> There is also a map to help you locate the restaurants. The Brown Pelican is not on the main beach, it's at a place that is officially Arroyo Burro Beach (but if you want to sound like a local it's "Hendry's Beach."

In the same area of the beach is the Douglas Family Preserve which offers some great views.

In Ventura there are several good eating places. In the downtown area Tipps Thai is good. Nona's Courtyard Cafe in the courtyard of the Bella Maggiore Inn on California Street is a pleasant outdoor eating place. Across the street from the Bella Maggiore is 66 California which often has entertainment in the evening.

Go down to the beach at the end of South Seaward and you'll find Duke's--which may have the best burgers in the world. If Johanafina's is still there (also on Seaward) it's good Mexican food.

Andria's (1449 Spinnaker)in Ventura Harbor Village is a casual place with good food. Eat indoors or out. It's one of those places where you go to the counter and place your order and they call you when it's ready.

If the weather is good (it should be), you might want to try a day cruise out to the Channel Islands with ISLAND PACKERS, 642-1393 1867 Spinnaker

If you are a Republican you might want to drive up to Simi Valley and visit the Reagan Presidential Library.

And a drive down to coast to Malibu is always nice.

I'm getting homesick--maybe I should be going to Ventura next week instead of Nova Scotia!

Martha in Connecticut

PS: The folks at Foster Library (651 Main Street in downtown Ventura) are very friendly and helpful. If yu drop by, tell them Martha G. sent you. I used to work there, but I don't know if there's anyone left there that remembers me. :)