Subject: Hanoi Taxi and Hotel Information
Hi Candice -

We were there the middle of December 2003.

No, I couldn't tell you what it cost for the taxi from the desk inside the Hanoi airport, but I believe it was a bit cheaper from the hotel back to the airport because we had made good friends with the hotel staff and the doorman made sure we wouldn't get ripped off, which we did not.

Tell your friends they will feel like millionaires - their pockets will be filled to the gills with Vietnam Dong, even just with a couple hundred of converted U.S. dollars. We exchanged some of our U.S. dollars, also at the airport, and it took both me and my husband at least 10 to 15 minutes to figure out if we had gotten the correct amount of Dong. We were laughing so hard about the huge stack bills we got!

By the way, if your friends like the old elegant European style, they may want to look into staying at the Majestic Hotel in Hanoi. The rooms were wonderful!!!! Very large with beautifully carved brass door handles, a fireplace, 12 foot ceilings and French Louie the 4th, 5th or whatever furniture. Just made sure they don't get a room which faces the street or they'll be up all night with the tooting of the taxis. That happened us but after the first night, at our request, there was absolutely no problem getting them to change our room to a very quiet room.

Hope I've helped some.

Rose Los Angeles