Subject: Re: Border stories
Hi Paolo Maietta and all Ziners,

Thank you Paolo for starting such a nice thread with your fine posting about Italian/Slovenian border, and your last one on Belgium/Netherlands border that was a marvel for everyone travelling back in the '60s. I still remember driving into Portugal through the high bridge in Valenša do Minho in 1978 , and having to wait while a customs agent locked in his small concrete cabin examined our passports and peered thorough a small hole to us. And how sweet it was to criss-cross several time between Spain an Portugal on minor roads 20 years later, without ever seeing any sign that there actually is a border there. And , of course I do remember the tremendous border crossings to eastern Europe countries and even between eastern Europe countries back in 1975, where, for instance, the border between CZ an Poland in the Tatra mountains was a half mile-long bridge all paved with concrete rectangles unevenly set down, so that you were compelled to drive at 5 km/h amidst turrets with armed guards all around! Thanks God all this seems to be gone now. Ciao a tutti!