Subject: GB trains price/schedule

I am lost in trying to find schedules/prices for the following trains for my trip in GB next month and hope Doug or some other kind person can help.

Gatwick to way. We land in Gatwick and would like to overnight in Exeter before going on to Torquay for a timeshare week. June 17 Gatwick to Exeter and then June 19 to Torquay. There seem to be several stations with Exeter in its name and I'm not sure which I need or want.

Exeter to Torquary and then a week from Torquay to London for our week at Scala House apartments.

A week later: London to Windemere. I understand the train isn't direct and doesn't alway run. How do I find out if it will run that Saturaday? I think that is July 3 (no calandar by the computer.) This would be a round trip ticket. The timeshare we are staying in is actually in Bowness. Does anyone know about local transportation from Windemere station to Bowness? It seems to only be a couple miles but the map looks "twisty" so it might really be further.

Finally, on July 12 train to Gatwick where we will try and find a hotel by or at the airport for our departure on July 13.

Thanks very much. Beth Sloan Las Vegas, NV