Subject: Re: Como to Bellagio
Hi Sherry,

If you're arriving late (and tired?) I would choose the 'rapid' ferry. I don't know about a hyrdofoil, but when we were there 2 weeks ago (just for the day, and wanting to see Bellagio), we were given the option of the "fast" boat (2 stops en route to Bellagio, total travel time of about 40 minutes) or the "slow" boat (basically a milk run) that takes almost 2 hours. We took the fast boat to Bellagio, did our site seeing, and then took the 'slow' boat back to Como to enjoy the scenery on the way back, (the slow boat is also equipped with a snack bar/bar, so you can get yourself a drink/cocktail to enjoy en route).

Enjoy. John in Hamilton...but wishing he was back in Italy!