Subject: Re: Lake Ontario Breeze
Hi Pat,

I agree with you that the package is worded ambiguously. In fact, the wording in the newspaper was different from the web site, though no less confusing. The wording should have been "round trip walk on ferry passage".

The package cost is 119 CAD per person, double occupancy, before taxes and surcharges, but the price is calculated entirely in USD. This is what was charged to our card: 178.48 (89.24 x 2) + 33.91 taxes & surcharges = 212.39 USD (for both of us).

I didn't notice anything about parking but this is what it says on the site. The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) will operate bus service every day between the Cherry Street Ferry Terminal and Union Station, located in the heart of downtown Toronto. Buses on the 72B and 172 routes will serve the ferry terminal, and will operate approximately every 15 to 20 minutes.

The bus will connect to the city subway system and pass a couple of prime tourist attractions along the way, including the Distillery historic district and the Esplanade area.

A one-way trip will take about 15 minutes. The cost is $2.25 CDN and exact change is necessary. The TTC will accept U.S. coins but don't expect any discount or to receive any change back. The TTC also offers an unlimited day pass for $7.75 CDN.

Cheers! Linda