Subject: I may have to my cancel my trip.
Good day fellow Ziners,

I have a trip planned for June 8th-July 22nd for Hungary/Slovakia and was hoping to go to Poland for a couple of days too. But I may have to put it on hold due to a family medical emergency.

I bought my airline tickets through British airways in September. I was wondering if anyone here has ever had to cancel a trip and if I would be able to use my airline ticket at another date. They were the tickets that are non-refundable for sure. I got a very good deal on them and was not sure if I would have to pay more to go at a later date. Or if I would lose all of my money. I wanted to find out my options before I call BA. I'm pretty sure the hospital or doctor would be able to give me some form of letter for proof. Because I'm only in my 40's I would hope I'd have many other chances to return to Central Europe in the future. If anyone here ever had to cancel a trip due to family emergency, what were the options the airline gave you? Thank you very much for any help.

Alizka north of Boston