Subject: Re: What I did (will do!) on my summer vacation
Ziners, Frances asked what Ziners are planning for summer vacation. We don't travel too much in the summer. One reason is Toronto has much to offer for summer fun - festivals, street fairs, live music in many outdoor venues, restaurant patios to watch the street parade from, and our trail system is glorious in the summer months. Because we are locked indoors throughout the Canadian winter, we also like to sit on our patio during the warm evenings and enjoy the city summer.

Also here in Ontario, those of us who are lucky enough to do so, spend time in cottage country. We'll visit a friends' cottage for some longish weekends and we rent a cottage in the Muskoka Lakes area for two weeks each summer. It's a chill-out kind of vacation - no shoes for two whole weeks!

In late August we fly to Paris for three days and then on to Languedoc. We've rented a house for two weeks in a village 15 miles outside of Avignon and we'll spend our days exploring wineries and local market towns.

Frances, we'll all be interested in hearing what destination you choose for your week in August. Where will your air miles take you? Lucy, Toronto