Subject: Re: What I did (will do!) on my summer vacation
Hello Travelers:

September is still summer, right? We are going to start in Altea, Spain and do a Paradore tour over a two week period. We have reservations in Cuenca, Siguenza, Avila, Jerez, Jaen and I forget the rest. We will wind up in Almeria for a few days and then alas back to work.

We plan to be extremely laid back on this trip. We have no deadlines and short distances between Paradores. I am going to take my 35mm and some lenses and compare the results with the new 8 megapixel machine that our companions just purchased. Jan will take her now seemingly little 4 MP camera for further comparison (she loves it though for it is the perfect digital camera for the "I don't want anything but point and shoot" set). I bought a ton of new Fuji 35mm film at a great price so I feel that I can waste it if I have to. (I am not quite to the point where the Nikon D70 seems like a good deal, so I am going to stick to the N70 film body.) I am going to see how my new tri-band GSM phone works (It seems to be working just ducky in the US) and I will not have to carry two cellphones. I am going to work on my Spanish (it is at the bottom, so there is no where to go but up). I am going to try and make new friends with email addresses and get them interested in the Zine. I am going to hide from my clients (fat chance). I am going to try to do something for someone that will make a lasting impression. I am going to try to stay out of jail. I am going to see if water is really bottled at the source. I enjoy all our travels, but I am really going to enjoy this one.

Tom going out his mind in Carlisle.