Subject: Re: What I did (will do!) on my summer vacation
Hi Fellow Ziners,

I'm reading your messages every day, even when I'm quiet for a change, vicariously enjoying all your plans. At the urging of my traveling friend, I've just put together two weeks in England for us, leaving June 13, so it will be busy getting ready, now that I'm "un-retired" and happily working. With London as a base, we will spend a week enjoying southwest England: Bristol, Devon, three nights in Plymouth. Will go to Land's End as a day trip. Then back to London for a week of museums, shopping, shows and whatever else appeals to us. While she is well-traveled, she hasn't spent much time in England, and I've been wanting to see the setting for the Rosamund Pilcher novels she describes so vividly. I love London -- especially the street markets like Camden, Petticoat Lane, etc. Does anyone have a website for the markets? I know some are on certain days and others are just better on certain days. Would appreciate that kind of help. Also any special places to eat in London that you don't have to mortgage the farm. I know there was some good info on this not long ago and I will check the archives, time allowing.

I still have tickets for another friend and I to go to France for almost three weeks, leaving 9/25, so God willing, it will be a great travel year for me.

Safe and happy travels to you all,

Lou in Lakeway, Tx, where the weather has alternated between flooding nearby areas (not us) and being absoutely glorious