Subject: Re: What we will be doing on our Summer Vacation....and more
Hi Ziners!

Unfortunately, we have to cancel our June month in Ireland because the person who stays at our home and takes care of our pooch while we are away JUST CANCELED! Ugh! So, we decided to take our RV and our pooch and spend June in Georgia--Andersonville, Callaway Gardens, Atlanta, Helen, etc. (and not think about the wasted tickets). August through mid October will find us (and the pooch) once again in our RV heading out to the West--Montana, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, etc. We've made a decision not to leave ourselves subject to others and are planning to take our Doxie with us from now on and we are starting with New Years in the Bahamas. It's relatively easy to bring him to the Bahamas and be in compliance. We've rented a villa on Paradise Island that allows small dogs. Charging ahead into next year--undeterred--we will take our RV and our Doxie to spend February and part of March in Baja. Mexico is also easy on entry requirements. Then we are already investigating how to comply with the new, as of July 2004, rules applying to the importation of pets into the EU. Up till now, it was rather simple to bring your pet to mainland Europe. The UK is too difficult but our plan is to fly him in cabin with us to Amsterdam and spend 3 or 4 months traveling in the Netherlands, France, Italy and Germany. So starts our odyssey-- traveling with a Doxie!

Regards, Jane, Boca Raton