Subject: Re: What I did (will do!) on my summer vacation
Hi Ziners,

I'm afraid that we will be mostly staying at home this summer. We just got back last month from a wonderful three-week trip to Italy, and my teacher's retirement income does not permit us to take major trips more often than annually.

Incidentally, our Italy trip was absolutely delightful. We rented apartments in Florence (for 10 days) and Perugia (for a week), and took a few day trips from there: Pisa, Siena, Orvieto, Cortona. We also stayed in Venice for four nights at the beginning of our trip (at the Hotel Olimpia) and two at the end (at the Hotel Galleria).

Though we have been to Italy numerous times, and have done prolonged stays in Florence 3-4 times, this trip was the best of them all.

I am still working on ordering trip pictures and writing up a travel diary. I will share it with you when (or if) I manage to get it finished.